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Your contract with Weeks Lerman provides you with a number of benefits including:

* Contract pricing with discounts averaging 46% off the manufacturer’s list price.
* Industry-leading internet ordering with www.weekslerman.com.
* Free next-day delivery on all orders over $50.00.
* Dedicated Account Managers and experienced New York State Customer Care Team.
* The following information is confidential, proprietary information between The Weeks Lerman Group and the State of New York.

By accepting this material you agree to respect the confidential nature of the information within. You agree to not make copies of the whole or any part thereof, or distribute, or divulge the contents of this material to any other party or parties without the expressed written permission of The Weeks Lerman Group. If you need additional copies of our pricer, please contact the Weeks Lerman Group N.Y.State Customer Service team at 1-718-803-4901

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Agencies Note:

Some products in this contract may be available from one or more preferred sources. Agencies are reminded to comply with the statutory requirements under section 162 of the State Finance Law and the guidelines issued by the State Procurement Council to afford first priority to products available from preferred sources which meet your form, function and utility.

Preferred Source Products:

Products that are the same as our similar to products available from the preferred sources are identified in the last column of this price list. The letter "B" represents Industries for the Blind of New York State; "C" represents Correctional Services, Corcraft; "D" represents New York State Industries for the Disabled; and "M" represents the Office of Mental Health, Buy OMH. For ordering information, contact the appropriate preferred source.

Weeks Lerman Business Products 2012 Catalog Exclusions:
United Stationers Supply Catalog

* Pages 4-285

Contract Information:

23000 - Misc Office Supplies

Award Number:

Federal ID:

Contract Number:

Contract Period:
05/15/08 - 05/14/13

Contact Info:

58-38 Page Place, Queens, NY 11378
For more information: nys@weekslerman.com