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About Us

Change, that singular constant of life, seems to have operated in an accelerated mode in the few years since The Weeks-Lerman Group was formed in 1996 by the merger of Weeks Office Products and The Lerman Company. No change has been more visible and far-reaching, has touched all aspects of society in general and business in particular, than the advent of new technology in the eCommerce world. There's no doubt that, in our case, this change has been for the better.

Our combined resources have enabled us to take full advantage of this new technology and apply it intelligently to the task of providing our customers business solutions and helping them conduct their business with us faster and more reliably than ever.

But, while much around has changed remarkably, some things within us have remained the same since our company was formed more than 80 years ago. These include our commitment to customer service, our dedication to individual attention and our policy of unbeatable pricing. The Weeks-Lerman Group remains a world of convenience, expertise and experience that translates into a world of difference for our customers.

We'd like the opportunity to show you our new world.


Sid Lerman